“परेशान मन से समाधान नहीं दिखते हैं…”

Swami ji said…

” It is strange, but, true that most of us have formed a firm opinion that the ‘battle’ which we have to fight on a daily basis, not just to exist, but , to survive and live on our ‘karm-bhumi’ can never be easy. ‘How can life be easy – with issues, difficulties and problems raising their heads all the time from the most unexpected quarters ? ‘ – we question.The mere thought of having a problem at hand; facing a challenge or overcoming a difficulty sets off panic within us. Our mind becomes agitated. It becomes restless and is unable to find ways and means of solving the problem. Solutions appear to be nowhere in sight. Pessimistic thoughts deluge all other sensible thoughts. We curse the problem for having surfaced without any warning and fail to understand…’ जिस प्रकार उबलते पानी में कभी परछाई नहीं दिखती है, ठीक उसी प्रकार परेशान मन से समाधान भी नहीं दिखते हैं …”

” Yet, rarely do we ever think that ‘problems’ inherently are not wicked or evil. They are quite simply occurrences or events that we did not anticipate or prepare ourselves for. It is the agitation, anger and fear that rises within us on facing problems that actually harm us.”

” Most of us face similar problems related to health, wealth, family, etc. Yet, some seem to come out better than others from the shadows of difficulties and concerns. The answer – as to how they are able to do this lies in understanding how much control do they have over their mind. They refuse to be cowed down and thrown off balance by the magnitude of the challenge that stands in their way.They do not allow situations to control them but rather are in control of difficult situations, and , are not willing to let anything affect their mental peace. They believe – ‘शांत मन
और धैर्य से रहने पर समस्याओं का हल जरूर मिलता है।”

” A clear mind sees solutions immediately, while a restless and weak mind only sees more obstacles, visualises great pain and suffering in the face of any difficulty. In the face of a problem, the mind must be objective and should be able to assess the situation for what it actually is. This can only be possible if it has been trained repeatedly and rigorously to focus and not let loose like a wild horse.”

” The mind , if , focussed can rarely be unnerved by any problem. It thus must be directed to stay calm and composed through reflection and meditation. The distractions that are prevalent all around us rarely give the mind any time to rest. We are constantly ‘consuming’ – in some form or another.The mind thus behaves like a monkey – jumping from one thought to another, never staying still. It is due to this reason that when deep reflection, insight, and listening to one’s instinct is required, the mind fails in the face of problems as it is easily distracted by thoughts of fear and uncertainty.”

” ‘ मन की शांति’ – is the greatest wealth that we can possess as it alone keeps us strong and unfazed during the most turbulent times of our life.”

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  1. It’s not the problem per se , but the agitation in our mind because of that problem that is the real issue.
    So a clear and calm mind is required to find the correct solution. And the only way and the easiest and the best way is to call upon our Guru.
    He will make our mind calm and we will find the correct solution.
    Jai Gurudev

  2. प्रणाम स्वामीजी
    हमेशा हमारे मन में विराजिए
    आपकी कृपा सब पर बनी रहे

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