” ‘विपत्ति’ ही मनुष्य को ‘समझदार’ बनाती है |”

Swami “ji said…

“In the epic ‘Mahabharat’, it is said that Queen Kunti – mother of the Pandavas – asked Shri Krishna, not for any gifts or boons, but for ‘difficulties’ in her life. In today’s day and age, this might quite certainly seem a strange request to ask of God. One would certainly ask for ‘सुख: – happiness or the other wonderful things that any of us could think of. Yet, Queen Kunti chose to ask for ‘difficulties’ in her life. Her reason for this was that whenever she and her family were in any difficulty, she would invariably remember Shri Krishna to free her from her troubles and Shri Krishna would then come to her aid immediately, Thus, all in all – it was ‘difficulties’ and ‘challenges’ in her life that brought her closer to God, and not ‘sukh’ and ‘good’ times.”

” We too experience what Kunti had experienced. Whenever we are in a tight spot, are uncertain of the future and are filled with doubt and dread – we inevitably turn to God and Guru for help and guidance. In such moments, we are humbled by life and realize that we really have control over nothing and that it is simply God’s grace that provides us with everything we have. It is only then that it dawns on us that all our efforts, hard work and sacrifices can amount to nought if not aided by God’s grace. Our sense of ‘entitlement’ disappears and we leave ourselves at the mercy of the Supreme. Is this not good for us? Doesn’t this bring us closer to divinity? Every ‘अग्नि परीक्षा ‘ though painful and difficult – ultimately purifies the mind and soul. Why then should one ever truly fear difficulties?”

” ‘चुनौती’, ‘विपत्ति’, challenges ; overcoming these is what builds character. It is only after one has been through difficult times and emerged successful that one is wiser for the better. We realise that the ‘good’ times are not moments to be squandered in ‘enjoyment’, but a signal from God telling us that – ‘ This is your opportunity. Work hard and benefit from it while I keep other problems at bay’. Life’s difficulties make us grittier and resilient. It is only in times of ‘difficulty’ that we realise that we must detach ourselves from the roller-coaster like ups and downs of life and make our state of mind immune to the time ; good or bad – that we are going through and focus on developing strong, positive traits within us, which give us the strength needed to weather the storm in our life.”

‘ ‘विपत्ति’ में ही जीवन की ‘संपत्ति’ छिपी है…’ Like diamonds in coal, life’s treasures are also hidden in its difficulties. It is only by embracing our life’s struggles can we emerge stronger and worthy of receiving God’s blessings and gifts and enjoy our lives to the fullest. We must thus develop an attitude where our troubles must be viewed as ‘opportunities’ to develop and test ourselves. We must not curse our woes, but , simply look at them as a chance to demonstrate to God how strong of heart and mind we are. It is only then that we are able to unlock and truly realise our own potential, empowering us to go ahead and pursue even greater achievements in life.”

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  1. Asking for difficulties looks very difficult, but it’s rewarding ultimately.
    It’s only then that we are able to unlock our hidden potential.
    Finally we are able to immune ourselves from roller coasters of life and find the true Prashanthi.
    Jai Gurudev.

  2. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Such a wonderful message on difficulties in life,it us soo true that difficulties makes us strong n bold.unless n until we face difficulties we can not learn how to.lead a life to sustain.difficulties serve as roller coster in our lives.the more the situation is difficulti the better life we can lead.itbis an hour to recieve such beautiful message by our beloved Gurudev .

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