‘सत्य’ में ही ‘सुख:’ है…

Swami ji said…

“ ‘The truth will set you free! ” These words, set in gold, have been heard by most of us at some time or the other. And, while they sound philosophical and wise, they are seldom applied by us in our own lives.”

” The reason behind this is quite simple. The ‘truth’ can be hard to hear, difficult to bear and deal with. In an illusionary world, where our senses are constantly engaged with ‘maya’, the ‘truth’ often comes as a rude shock and awakening. However, it is only by acknowledging the ‘truth’ that one can find happiness in one’s life.”

” Speaking the ‘truth’ is difficult, especially when it is not ‘self-serving’ and means admittance of a mistake or guilt. However, it is the pain, the suffering of that guilt that reminds one to avoid making mistakes, to become better. The truth, thus only leads to one’s betterment , happiness and mental peace.”

” However, just speaking the truth is not enough. Often, one does not acknowledge one’s own truth, which is perhaps an even greater crime than speaking a lie. We all are guilty of running away from ourselves; for not listening to ourselves. We all know when we are doing something wrong or right. We are well aware of the nature of every action of ours. But, very often, we simply push aside the ‘truth’ deliberately; refuse to accept that our actions might be wrong, and , simply go on doing them as they are self-serving or easier to do than otherwise.”

” We are also guilty of not accepting the situations we are in, or , those that we foresee ourselves to be in, as we find making the effort to change them a very difficult task. We simply turn a blind eye to our own circumstances out of laziness. While the ‘truth’ simply tells us to make an effort, our lethargy makes us look the other way.”

” It is the fear of change, fear of hard work and effort that makes us oblivious to the truth. However, we must realise that it is only by listening to our conscience, our ‘inner voice’, that our life turns into an adventure. Yes, there will be challenges when we are forced to change and improve ourselves, or , our circumstances for the better. There will be pain and sacrifice. However, there will not be the unending monotony and dreariness that afflicts comfort-seeking modern society today.”

“We must trust the fact that pursuing the truth, though challenging, will not ever hurt us or impair us. While society at large might not, God will most definitely lookout for those who follow the path of ‘truth’ and that is the faith that one must live with. It is only then that we will be able to make our lives truly meaningful and happy.”

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  1. Yes. The voice of conscience is the truth.
    We need to listen to the voice of conscience and follow it howsoever hard it may be.

    Jai Gurudev

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