Swami ji’s Sandesh…
' सफलता '

Swami ji said…

” ‘Success’ can mean different things to different people at different times. For some, it is the achievement of a single goal – a mountaineer summiting a peak; a runner completing a marathon. For others, it could be living in certain circumstances in life. This could be a life rich in wealth and relationships, or, one that is filled with freedom to do what one wants. All of us, thus, have our own definition of success.”

” It is this pursuit of ‘success’ that majorly defines our lives.The story of our life is filled with chapters dedicated to the trials and tribulations, sacrifices and effort spent in the chase of ‘success’; to taste, savour and experience ‘success’.”

” Life teaches us all that .. ‘ ‘सफलता’ न तो जादुई होती है और न ही रहस्यमय…’ The only time tested formula that makes us attain our goals is that of persistent, honest hard work, consistent effort and good habits…’सफलता’ निरंतर
प्रयासों व अच्छी आदतों का स्वाभाविक परिणाम है…’ This fact should not come as a surprise to any of us, but , what could surprise is when we realise that our ‘success’ will not necessarily make us ‘happy’. While a ‘happy’ soul will most definitely be ‘successful’ in whatever pursuit he or she engages in; a ‘successful’ person might not necessarily be happy.”

” It thus becomes important to understand that true success lies in first achieving blissfulness in the soul, and calmness in the mind. It is only then that one can set ‘fruitful and ‘meaningful’ goals for oneself and go after them with focus and dedication.”

” It is very likely that an evil person’s attainment of ‘success’ will be at the expense of ‘others’. There are many who are ruthless, calculated and cunning in their quest for riches and fame. While society might celebrate such people; in reality, such people are difficult to get along with. Like the Banyan tree, such people grow big on their own, but, do let anything else flourish in their shadow. Is this truly ‘success ? Does filling one’s stomach at the expense of another’s hunger define success? Is an achievement, however great and noteworthy, if, founded on deceit and sabotage, truly be counted an achievement? Can such a person be called a successful person !”

” We also make the mistake of letting other people’s success rate alter our definition of success. Someone else’s purchase of a bungalow should not belittle our achievement of buying a flat. Our gratitude for our own success must not be lessened in the face of the larger than life achievements of others. There is no aim that is too low. For a pauper to turn around his life and be able to earn a living is a greater achievement than a rich man multiplying his riches ten fold for purely his benefit. Success, thus , must not be gauged by the circumstances in which one ends up, but , rather must be measured by the ‘change’ that one is able to affect in the circumstances of others.”

” Ultimately, it is the ‘mind’ that holds the key to unlocking the definition of ‘success’ in life. Our limitations, beliefs, perception of the world are all in the mind. The spiritual seeker understands that true ‘success’ is only in merging with the Supreme. For this, the mind has to be cleansed through repeated meditation and reflection. It is only then that one’s actions, one’s ‘karma’ can lead him to true ‘success’.”

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' सफलता '

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  1. Pranam Swamiji..

    it was in your presence that every thing was merged. I used to share all small and big achievements , small steps and trials with you., and your assurances always used to make me feel composed and happy..
    How much i miss those soothing words and your sweet voice….” Sab theek kar dunga , mere bacchhey”
    Swamiji..i miss you u so much!
    Plz be with me, always,,,


  2. Persistent efforts are required to succeed. Real success lies in altering our personality in a positive way and not the multiplication of our possessions.
    Jai Gurudev

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