“‘जीवन’ के मूल्य को समझो…इसे ‘व्यार्थ’ की ‘बातों’ में मत गवाओ…”

Swami ji’s Sandesh…

Swami ji said…

“The persistent attempt to attend to the rigmarole of worldly affairs with poise and perfection ; the intense pressure and stress that we place on ourselves to build a better future, a better life – takes us further away from realising the ‘fleeting’ and ‘fragile’ nature of life. The life that we are blessed with is just a short space of time in which we are alive, wherein, the value of every breath taken by us, which has the potential to be our last, should thus be respected and utilised appropriately. It is imperative that we live every moment of our life in the most constructive manner; give our life a definite meaning, a specific purpose and ensure that we make a conscious effort to truly ‘elevate’ the ‘quality’ of our life on a daily basis. But, are we able to do so ? Don’t we sully the purity of our ‘soul’ by talking ill of others and indulging in gossip about others. Who gives us the right to do so? Nobody. It is we alone who have granted this right to ourselves and while away precious hours, in doing so with great relish and enjoyment. Why do we waste our precious breath in such irreverent talk?”

“To be critical; to criticise someone is so easy. After all, it costs us nothing. A few nasty, insulting, humiliating words are all that are needed to wipe out the last traces of self – respect and confidence that one could have for himself. Unfortunately, ‘ ‘आलोचना’ करना कितना आसान होता है…लेकिन हम आलोचना करने की जगह उनका ‘प्रोत्साहन’ क्यों नहीं करते।’ It is highly possible that constant criticism could make one feel all the more incapable, worthless and insignificant. Rather than belittling others – why don’t we motivate them, inspire them, make them – believe in themselves, feel confident and good about themselves. The fact that none of us can just sit and wait for good and better things to happen for us should be explained to them. They need to look around and on seeing that hard work alone can make them realise their aims, they, too, should, do the same, and, see their new approach yield positive results before them.”

“Remember, the ‘goodness’ in us, unlike the fragrance of a perfume – ‘ jo हवा के रुख का मोहताज़ होता है ‘ – spreads in all directions – and, before long we are able to earn a ‘good’ name for ourself in the true sense of the word. People know us for our ‘goodness’ and are certain that we will stand by a friend who needs our support ; will be able to relate with the suffering and anxiety of a neighbour and will never let misunderstandings between our family members blow out of proportion and take an irretrievable ugly turn for good. ‘ रिश्तों को जीना…उन्हे निभाना,उन्हे संभालना हमें जरूर आना चाहिए…”

” ‘गुंणवान बनो!’
Imbibe good habits. Habits that make us better, stronger and worthy individuals. We must use our mind – which is is so powerful that it can invent, create, experience and destroy things with the thoughts alone that rise in it – to steer us on the path of spirituality, goodness and humility…make us remember God and repeat ‘His’ name with every breath that we take.”

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  1. What a beautiful statement..” our goodness spreads in all directions. It doesn’t depend upon the wind direction. ”
    So let’s be good and invest on our future.
    Jai Gurudev

  2. Wonderful reminder …needed to keep ourselves on track …Thankyou Swamiji …Pranams at your lotus feet !!

  3. How much I miss you Dear Swamiji..
    Now that i only feel the reverberation of those sweet words of yours…
    Your divine presence, your divine words, woh pyaar bhara shabd..”mere bete”..ab is jiwan mein sirf yaadein ban kar reh gayin…

  4. Pranaam Swami Ji 🙏🏻 missing phone calls and in person meeting with you 🙏🏻

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