“हमारी ‘अच्छाई’ ही हमारी असली पहचान है।”

Swami ji said…

“Society has always been trapped in the ‘मोह-माया’ of this illusionary world. Man is unable to perceive anything beyond what his physical senses tell him of the world. We are constantly chasing fortune and fame. These motivations take up different forms. For some, looking beautiful or handsome matters the most ; for others, running a big business or excelling professionally could be a matter of great pride.Yet, all in all, the motivations remain the same – wealth, and, a renowned name ; physical and social capital.”

” Yet, both, are powerless in the face of old age, disease and death. No amount of popularity, or wealth can alleviate the suffering from these. Yes, to have money and be known in society is beneficial – but beyond a certain limit, they are considered inconsequential,if, the individual concerned, lacks the essential qualities of goodness, kindness, empathy and sympathy for others.”

” When Alexander the Great was leaving India, he encountered a few ascetics, who, laughed at him, as, if, telling him that he had made a fool of himself. Bewildered, Alexander demanded they explain their behaviour to him. In reply, the ascetics explained that they were trying to show him the folly of his ambition. They explained to Alexander that he had wasted his, and , his soldiers lives in killing people mindlessly,and, conquering the vast lands of Mother Earth, for, he, never really needed any more land, than the area that he stood on, at any given time. Could he explain the cruelty and lack of mercy that had been shown by him while he had massacred thousands ! “

” This story tells us, how man loses perspective of the meaning of his life, when he is all consumed by ambition. Man’s one true wealth is the goodness in his heart – the love, kindness and concern that he has for his brethren. Jesus Christ is a unique example of these traits. A simple carpenter by profession – He was able to win over others with His kindness and love. He spent His life helping the poor and needy. Even at the time of His crucifixion – He looked upon the people with pity and worry. Centuries after having left this world, He, is worshipped by billions. Such is the power of love and kindness.”

” Preoccupied that we are in meeting the challenges of life, have we somehow failed to pay attention to the fact – that the life that we are blessed with – is fleeting ! Every breath that is taken by us, and, the number of times that our heart will beat, has already been decided by our Maker; and, thus, it becomes extremely important for us to weigh the value of our life in gold ; cherish the ‘role’ that has been allotted to us by our Creator – “और समझें की जो ‘भुमिका’ हमें ईश्वर ने दी है उसे अच्छी तरह से निभायें , अच्छे ‘लक्ष्य’ को पाने का निर्णय लें, और अच्छे ‘विचार’ को अपने अंदर विकसित करें…”

“Once we understand how fortunate we are to have taken birth
‘मनुष्ययोनि में’ – relate with its delicate and divine nature, we need to play the role assigned to us, in this birth, to perfection; make it meaningful, credible and worthy. We have not come here to be in a state of sloth, slumber and sleep, but, to be remembered for the love, goodness and positivity that we carry with us, all the time, so much so that it becomes our trademark and leaves an indelible impression on those whose lives are touched by us, motivating them also to emulate us.”

“When the element of ‘अच्छाई’ – goodness – underlines all our feelings, thoughts and actions; we, not only do good for others, but, we, too, benefit by doing good ‘karma’ ; further purifying our ‘soul’ with the ‘goodness’ that becomes an integral part of us, and, before long, we are known and remembered, not, necessarily for our wealth, but, for our goodness…’ एक अच्छा इंसान, हमेशा याद किया जाता है, ‘मन’ मे भी और ‘शब्दों’ में भी …” as, he, understands what the odds are like, when the strongest of hands lose their grip at times , and , the greatest of minds becomes cloudy – but, he , is still kind to them as he is tolerant, forgiving and less judgemental.”

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  1. Pranam swamiji.

    We miss you …. .
    Life without your physical presence is so lackluster. .. So strange and slow.

    With love. .

  2. Pranam Swamiji..
    Yes the goodness is all that matters.
    Jesus Christ was a carpenter but he is worshipped by billions. Simply because he put goodness over everything else

    Jai Gurudev

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