“अपनी ‘कमज़ोरियों’ से लड़ो, उनसे हारो मत..”

Swami ji said…

“Each one of us is unique in our own way. A fascinating combination of strengths and weaknesses makes us what we are! At times, our weaknesses might outnumber our strengths. It is just not possible for any of us to be perfect. We do have some flaws, some blemishes…”हम सब में कुछ कमज़ोरियां होती हैं!” A few of us could be short-tempered; some quick to speak lies; some highly irresponsible. It is possible that some of us might say… ‘Nothing is majorly wrong in this, as we are bound to be different, and, we are the way we are!’ – and while that is true, the problem begins when we get so habituated to living a life with these imperfect traits, that, we fail to detect anything wrong in them, and, continue to live merrily; completely oblivious to the detrimental and negative effect such weaknesses might trigger, not only, in us, but also, on others.”

“The journey of our lives becomes so comfortable and well-oiled, while living with our weaknesses, that rather than making any attempt to work on ourselves, we continue to wear our weaknesses like a second skin, afraid of parting with them, unsure of the new ‘us’ that would emerge. It is only we, who can overwhelm and overcome ‘them’ with a fresh mind and a new approach, once we decide to take them on. This situation is akin to – ‘an enemy teaching us better than a friend’ – when a never seen before determination and resolve to fight our weaknesses changes us for the better.”

“The purpose of life, in some ways, is to struggle against our shortcomings. It is the battle we wage against our bad habits, bad thinking or poor behaviour that is our true examination. While we all seem to think that we are struggling against the world, against unknown external forces; in truth, our only struggle is with ourselves.”

“If one cannot quit smoking – it is not the fault of other smokers or cigarette makers – it is quite simply his own fault. If one cannot stop playing games on the phones or laptops – it is not the game maker’s fault, but, one’s own. ‘Maya’ is what makes us think that it is the ‘external’ that defines us. We are convinced that even our weaknesses seem to be a result of our circumstances. Very rarely do we reflect and look within, to see, if, we have ever endeavoured to improve ourselves. Just like we cherish and cheer champions who overcome great physical obstacles, we too must cheer ourselves when we fight against our own weaknesses. ‘See yourself as a hero in the war against your weaknesses!’ Every time you struggle – be it trying to wake up early, not eating that extra sweet, not drinking that extra coffee – remember that you are being watched by God. Remember that ‘He’ too is cheering for you and wants you to win!”

” Once we accept the gauntlet thrown mockingly at us by our ‘weaknesses’, we must make it our top most priority to free ourselves from the clutches of these merciless weaknesses, and, find the strength to evict them from within us at the earliest. These deep rooted weaknesses appear to laugh at us, smug at the thought, that it could be next to impossible for us to put up a fight against them. We must remain unperturbed and instead motivate and inspire ourselves to believe that if we sincerely try to, per say, give up our arrogance, unsympathetic attitude and unbearable temperament ; the chances of us winning the tussle are highly likely…’अपनी ‘कमजोरियों’ को अपने ऊपर हावी मत होने दो। दृढ ‘निश्चय’ और संकल्प से हम इन कमजोरियों से मुक्ति पा सकते हैं। अपने आप को इतना कमजोर मत समझो कि तुम इन से हार मान जाओगे।”

“History is filled with stories of sinners turning into great good men. Men and women – considered hopelessly lost to their vices – transformed their characters, thoughts and mind to become wonderful beings. People after tremendous personal upheaval and struggle have emerged as new individuals.”

” Similarly, we too must endeavour to overcome our weaknesses – even, if, at times, it seems useless, pointless, much like a lost cause; for only, then, can we be truly worthy of God’s grace. This internal struggle against our own weaknesses is our true spiritual path – for we – made in God’s likeness – should try to be more like Him – strong, and, successfully fight our weaknesses.

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  1. Thank you Swamiji for divine guidance of having faith in our ownself. Your divine love is helping us to be strong. Shat shat naman Gurudev!!!

  2. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Its a very inspiring message. By following your path life has become much better under your guidance.

    1. Our negative traits not only affect us , they affect others also around us.
      Since we are nothing but an image of God and God is omnipotence. So why lose heart. We shall be able to overcome all our weaknesses and negative traits. Our Gurudev is behind us as a rock solid support.
      Jai Gurudev

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