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” It is on the wheels of ‘trust’ that the world moves. Even in the Stone Age, humans had formed groups, trusting that they would look out for each other and provide for one another.Today, many of us go to work with the faith and belief, that , at the end of the month we will be rewarded for our labour. It is nothing else but ‘trust’; trust among people that enables society to flourish. If, we humans had not learnt to trust one another, we would not have evolved. We would have continued to live in a world filled with the constant fear of the unknown, wary of each other. We would have had no recourse, but, to always assume the worst in everything and everyone around us. Civilizations would never have come into being. The significance of ‘trust’ as a building block of our daily lives should not be overlooked.”

” But, then, at a personal level, how much do we all truly appreciate the value of ‘trust’? Do we ever consider how ‘trustworthy’ we really are in the eyes of others? Do we keep our word? Do we keep the promises that we make to them ? Do people really trust us when we tell them that we won’t let them down? These are difficult questions, but, it is important that we ask ourselves these questions, as, it is only by knowing how ‘trustworthy’ we are, that, we will ever understand what our true worth is, in the eyes of other people. It is not our wealth, social status or beauty that truly wins people over, but, rather, it is the faith and trust that they have in us and they know that irrespective of the personal upheaval that we could be going through, we will cast aside all our problems, and , rise to stand by them – be with them, during their time of duress and need. It is this ‘trust’ factor that people value in each other. This is the level of faith and belief that others should have in us.The very thought of letting down people who pin their hopes on us is in itself sacrilegious. Even an enemy that holds true to his vow of destruction and death is feared and respected more, than, one who makes false, empty threats.”

” ‘Trust’ is an intrinsic, simple, natural emotion. But, we give a convoluted twist to it, by not living up to the ‘words’ said by us that raise expectations in others. Promises are easier to make, but, a lot harder to keep. Many a times, we are not able to keep promises we make to ourselves. Sometimes, we wake up later than we had planned to. Sometimes, we eat more sweets than we had decided to. Sometimes, we skip our daily prayers. On other days we don’t go for the regular exercise that we had pledged to take up.These promises, though seemingly inconsequential, are a test of our own strength. If, we fulfil these, it gives us the confidence to keep promises made to others. But, if , we make it a habit to skip these, we also find it easy to skip the promises made to others.This is how one loses credibility in one’s own eyes. We need to remember that – “जिस प्रकार ‘श्वास’ हमारे शरीर को चलाता है, उसी प्रकार ‘विश्वास’ हमारे ‘सम्बंन्धो’ को चलाता है।”

” While we conveniently give ourselves a ‘pass’ every time we don’t keep a promise – we rarely ever give one to others. We never forgive others for their unkept promises. Even The Almighty is not spared by us. In challenging times, we even suspect Him of having forgotten His ‘promise’ to take care of us.Yet, we, rarely ever strive to meet the standards, that we expect of God Himself, when it comes to keeping our promises. We forget that He too might expect us – His children to abide by His Teachings – to be kind and considerate to others; to remember Him regularly; to work hard and be honest. Yet, He is patient with us. It is crucial for us to ensure that God too has faith in us – His creations,and, can say confidently that He trusts us to do the right things. Remember – ‘ ‘विश्वास’ खोना बहुत आसान है,परन्तु कमाना बहुत मुश्किल।’

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  1. How beautiful !!!
    The way ‘shwas’ runs the body , same way ‘vishwas’ runs the relationships.
    So we must strive to become trustworthy.
    Keeping trust in God and becoming trustworthy to people are the two pillars of a successful life.
    Jai gurudev

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