” ‘अपने अंदर की ‘रोशनी’ से ‘जगमगाओ’…”

Swami ji said…

” World over, many festivals are marked by the lighting of lamps and दिया. The lighting of lamps signifies the dispelling of darkness and gloom; the victory of good over evil; the emergence of hope and other good omen. If we are observant, we will most certainly see the manner in which the light of even a single small lamp can dispel thick darkness. For those on the spiritual path, the ‘lamp’ is a source of inspiration, as it tells the seekers, that, if they strive determinedly to light the ‘lamp’ within them, the darkness that pervades their inner being can be removed layer by layer, and, they will inevitably be blessed with His Grace and ‘darshan’ at the moment considered most appropriate by Him. We just need to be aware of illuminating our inner ‘self’ with the light of this lamp.”

“The festival of Diwali is also a narration of two beings – in some ways very similar – who struggled with their own ‘spiritual’ lamps. At one end Shri Hanuman, and, at the other end Ravan. Both, Shri Hanuman and Ravan, were born into families of great repute. Both, were well versed with Vedas. Both were mighty warriors and had godly strength. Why then did their stories run in opposite directions?”

” Shri Hanuman did not just light the ‘spiritual’ lamp within him, He turned it into a blazing bright sun of devotion and love for Shri Ram. He single mindedly focussed on nothing else, but, His Lord, Shri Ram. He attributed every success and victory of His; His strength to the Grace of Shri Ram. Nowhere do we hear Shri Hanuman singing his own praises, admiring his own power. He had the power to destroy Lanka and Ravan on His own; and, yet, despite the disrespect and pain thar He suffered at the hands of Ravan, He never let His ego take over Him. He simply kept to His role of a ‘messenger’, and did only what Shri Ram instructed Him to do. While living in the forest with Shri Ram, He was happy and at peace.”

” Ravan on the other hand, let his ‘ego’, his अहंकार douse even the last embers of spirituality that may have been present in him. His mind was covered in layers of such darkness, that despite being in God’s presence, he could not feel and sense ‘it’ till the end. For him everything was about himself, so much so, that he could even turn against his own well meaning brother. Living in a palace, with untold riches at his disposal, he was always wary and circumspect about everything and everyone.”

“There is a ‘Ravan’ and ‘Hanuman’ within each one of us.The ‘Ravan’ in us takes offence at the smallest of misspoken words ; never forgives mistaken actions and never forgets old quarrels. He cannot see beyond himself and his wants. He is around, especially, when there are no troubles in life and all is going well; just the way he wants them to be. The ‘Hanuman’ within us, on the other hand, emerges when we face times of despair and sorrow – and He makes us feel strong and confident by reminding us of His belief that there is nothing to worry about aa long as Shri ‘Ram’ is with us. He is always smiling and happy as He understands that ‘To err is to be human’. He is always humble – be it in victory or defeat – success or failure.”

” Let us bring out the ‘Hanuman’ in us. Let us live a life in gratitude of God forever. Let us cleanse our ‘within’ ; our inner being ; our Real ‘self’ by taking His name and remembering Him always. We have cleaned our homes of the cobwebs ; let us now clean our minds of all thoughts negative. We have brightened others with gifts of savoury sweets and new clothes; let us now remove the ‘darkness’ within us and bring out the brightness, sweetness of simplicity and quiet beauty of our ‘Atman’. Just like the ‘diyas’ that shine through out our homes – let His light in us , also , shine through us – by radiating happiness, positivity and good vibes to one and all around us.”

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  1. The example of darkness is in form of Ravan and the light is Hanuman.
    It is upto us to choose the right path.
    God has blessed all of us with mind, we can walk on spiritual line by the blessings of Gurudev.
    Jai Gurudev.

  2. We must learn to see beyond ourselves and do the right things with faith in almighty and our Guru. Jai Gurudev 🙏🏻

  3. “Let His light in us shine through us – by radiating happiness, positivity and good vibes to one and all around us.”
    Jai gurudev 🙏

  4. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Let us all take the example of both of them and learn the best qualities from them its so amazing and inspiring .I shall embibe all the positively and illuminate our lives

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