Swami ji’s Sandesh … ” ‘प्रतिभा’ भी ईश्वर से मिलती है – ‘’विनम्र’ रहो !”Swami ji said …

” Man, as it is, is, God’s most incredible and innovative, creation, but , to make us more interesting, ‘He’ blessed us all with talents, flair and potential – distinct, unique and special to each one of us. Such is the level of His divine attention, that even though there are billions of us, no two individuals can have identical talents. A marginal difference is always there ; clearly evident.”

” If one sings ‘bhajans’ with a spiritual feel, then, the other sings ‘ghazals’ with great emotion. Even within the same sport, record breaking athletes have different talents. Some are skilled ; others have strength and power.”

” The challenge in life, however, is to discover those talents and hone them. Some of these talents are easily discernible ; some take a lifetime to realise that they were there all along.TV is replete with shows in which young gifted singers and dancers present their talent to the world at a young age. Very often we hear of engineers turning into artists in their 30s ; and artists, on realising that they have a knack for business in their 40s, turn into entrepreneurs.
Thus, we all are gifted in some way or the other.”

“But, society does not see us all as equal.We appreciate beauty, intelligence, money-making skills a lot more over other talents. As a result, some of us, who are wealthy, because we are good with accounts and numbers, or , are beautiful or handsome to look at, or, perhaps are successful surgeons and doctors, are placed on high pedestals.This often causes us to lose touch with reality. We begin to feel superior to the rest. Our behaviour becomes condescending. We demand servitude in place of respect. We forget that our ‘talent’ and ‘skill’ is ultimately not our creation but a gift of God. Instead of marvelling and wondering as to why should God give us such gifts, we only seek to enjoy the fruits – of fame and power – that these talents can give us.”

“A peacock’s plumage is a thing of beauty, but, the peacock does not spread its feathers all the time for the world to see. It knows that the very same feathers can be of great hindrance, if , it ever has to flee from danger.
Similarly, an obsession with our looks, our beauty, our skills is an impediment to our further growth and development. We are so greatly enamoured with ourselves that we are unable to see our shortcomings, and , do not take out time to work on our weaknesses that begin to set in our mind and character. Conceit and arrogance over our accomplishments, that we foolishly feel are attained solely by us, replace the gratitude that we must have for God.Instead of being humble and thankful to Him, we turn His gifts into ‘spokes’ on our path to ‘self-realization’ and eternal bliss.”

“Goddess Sita was so beautiful that Ravan committed the heinous crime of kidnapping her. But can we even for a minute imagine Goddess Sita obsessing over her beauty? If she had done so, would she have fearlessly decided to accompany Shri Ram into the forest? Did her beauty serve her in anyway when she was trapped in Ashok Vatika? Of course not! It was her unshakeable belief in Prabhu Shri Ram, that made her stay the course. Similarly, we, too must not let God’s special gifts to us, obscure our vision of Him in our hearts. Our talents and skills are not meant to serve us, but, are meant for a purpose that is beyond us; known only to Him. Let us strive to keep it that way…”और ‘ईश्वर’ को ‘नतमस्तक’ करें उस हुनर के लिए जिसे उन्होंने हम में पिरोया है।”

7 thoughts on “Swami ji’s Sandesh … ” ‘प्रतिभा’ भी ईश्वर से मिलती है – ‘’विनम्र’ रहो !”Swami ji said …

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  1. Our talents are but His reflection. We need to remember this always. He has given these talents to us so that we can serve the society.
    Jai gurudev

  2. We are all His creation, the talent and spirit is all His gift.
    We are grateful for His blessings.
    Jai Gurudev.

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