“ ‘कर्मों ‘ की आवाज़ ‘शब्दों’ से भी ऊँची होती है…”

Swamiji said…

” In today’s world, words do not have much value, as, what is said is rarely meant by most of us. The promise of keeping one’s word is rarely upheld. Mindless chatter prevails over carefully chosen words. In such circumstances, it is important to ‘act’ rather than to ‘claim’ and ‘profess’, as, it is only action that can leave an indelible mark of our intent.”

” For those on the spiritual path, it becomes important to realise that ‘doing’ is more important than ‘speaking’. It is easy to talk about the benefits of meditation and self-reflection; but, do we practice what we preach ! We see videos highlighting the essence of spirituality on the social media, and , buy numerous books on spiritual practices. But, to what effect? There is an abundance of such enriching books and informative vidoes all around us…but, sadly, such few ‘enlightened’ souls today. Why ? The reason for this is that we do not follow ; we do not ‘act’ upon what we promise ourselves.”

” To succeed in any endeavour in life, we might not need the support of any other fellow being, as much as our own support.The echo of motivating words like commitment, courage and conviction is good to hear, but, the meaning of these words has to be implemented into ‘action’ while performing our day to day activities. And, if we cannot act on our own words, our own promises ; we cannot really trust ourselves to be able to do what is needed to succeed. It is those who ‘do’, what they promise to others, to themselves ; they are the ones who truly know what they are capable of doing and have the confidence to dream big. On the other hand, a person who repeatedly fails to implement any positive action or consistency in his life, will never be sure of himself. Such a person can only make tall claims and promises, but the words said by him lack strength, sincerity and confidence.”

” ‘Words’ come cheap; ‘actions’ need effort. That is why, it is those who ‘do’, who act on their dreams are the ones who see the fruition of their actions, who gain recognition. It is difficult to deny the importance of effort and hard work in our lives. That is why it is the ‘doers’…’woh insaan joh karmath hote hain’, rather than the glib talkers, who gain prominence in the world.”

” Similarly, for the spiritual practitioner, it is more important to ‘be’ like Ram, rather than to only ‘speak’ of Ram. It is more important to ‘meditate’ than to only discuss about its benefits with others. It is more important to act in a loving manner with others, instead of only wishing that the rest of the world would love and spread love. Remember, one can inch closer towards attainment of enlightenment, by ‘walking’ the spiritual path determinedly ;
not, by just talking about it and appreciating ‘it’.”

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    1. “One can inch closer towards attainment of enlightenment, by ‘walking’ the spiritual path determinedly ;
      not, by just talking about it and appreciating ‘it’.”
      Thanks for enlightenment Swamiji
      Jai gurudev

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