“मधुर व्यवहार”

Swami ji said…

” In today’s day and age – looks, beauty and appearances are given paramount importance. People judge others by the cars they drive in, the houses they live in, their dressing sense and expensive life – style. People with attractive physical features, wealth and money are envied and admired.”

” Yet, all this is transient. With age, beauty diminishes and voices crack and weaken. Wealth that had been accumulated over the years can be spent and wasted by the next generation in a jiffy. In the midst of all this, man has forgotten that his true wealth…his real coinage…is not in his wallet , but , in his behaviour. Are we mindful of our behaviour with others ? Do we behave in a manner that is atrocious and far from pleasant but simply don’t care about it?”

” If we truly want to leave behind a legacy ; if we truly wish to be remembered fondly by others, then we must leave behind a treasure trove of fond memories with people so that, when people think of us they remember us with respect, affection and warmth. Only then can one speak of a life well-lived.”

” ‘मधुर व्यवहार’ or ‘good behaviour’ can be termed to be ‘good’ only when it covers all the people with whom we interact.
Snarling at a telecaller who might have woken us up on a Sunday afternoon, but , sweet-talking a potential client or a person with whom we have a hidden agenda, is not good behaviour.”

” Like the Sun that gives its warmth to all during the winters , or , the breeze that brings equal respite to all in the summers, we, too must behave just as cordially and properly with each and everyone from various walks of life. Kind acts, respectful tones, proper language are not tokens to be traded for favours , but , rather are the correct way for us to treat the world around us.”

” Even in situations that justify anger, words that are spoken and actions that are made or taken, should not be targeted from the point of view of hurting the other person, but, rather to make him or her realise their mistake.”

” Good behaviour is nothing but good ‘karma’ and even in the most trying situations, it must not be given up. Even after having suffered because of Ravan’s misadventures, Lord Ram treated Ravan fairly. He not only gave Ravan multiple chances to repent and avoid waging a war ; but even at the time of Ravan’s death, Shri Ram gave him the respect and reverence of both – a King and a learned man. Similarly, when Shri Ram was ordered to leave for exile by Kaikeyi, He still respected her as a mother and uttered not a word against her.”

” Thus, if God in His ‘human’ form suffered like we humans do, and , yet never cast aside good behaviour, etiquette ; then, why should we and who are we to do so ! “

” We need to remember –
‘ मिट्टी का गीलापन जिस तरह से पेड़ की जड़ को पकड़कर रखता है , ठीक वैसे ही मनुष्य का मधुर व्यवहार भी रिश्तों को बांध कर रखता है l ‘ “

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  1. Our Gurudev Swamiji taught us to behave in kind ways and also speak kind words without expecting the same treatment by others.
    Jai Gurudev.

  2. Pranam swamiji

    We miss you so much.
    Your sweet voice and love was given on us like never before.
    Plz do meet us again..
    Love you so much. ..

  3. “Kind acts, respectful tones, proper language are not tokens to be traded for favours , but , rather are the correct way for us to treat the world around us.”
    So beautiful !!!
    Swamiji we are missing your so sweet and madhur pravachan.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  4. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Such a beautiful msg.Swamiji really taught us and gave the power to attract people by our kind words and our behavior. It is our deeds that we meet our dearest Swamiji in this life time who has taught us to live with surmount patience and face all the problems and difficulties in this life time.Thank you Swamiji for all the kind words and teachings.
    Jai Gurudevo Namaha

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