Swamji’s Sandesh – ” Celebrate every moment of your life… “छोटी छोटी चीजों में खुशियां ढूँढो ।”

Swamiji said …

“Do we take the moments of ‘life’ that we are blessed with for granted, without valuing them the way they should be ? Do we realise how fortunate we are to be alive, to breathe for that every precious second of the lifetime that we are granted by Him ? Has the hectic pace of today’s demanding life, which makes us run from pillar to post, to fulfil the obligations that we have drawn, as the larger picture for ourselves, to remain in a celebratory mode, is preventing us from seeing the beauty of the miracle called – ‘life’. We plan and wait impatiently to celebrate birthdays, festivals promotions, anniversaries, but, in this long wait to celebrate specific dates and occasions, have we forgotten to celebrate – the value and significance of every second, minute, hour and day, which once lived by us, will never be seen and breathed again by us… ‘Humari zindagi, humara jivan ek maha utsav hai, jis ke har kshann ka humein ‘bhavya jashn’ manana chahiye !’ – in a state of thankfulness and gratitude to God.”

” Remember – ‘Life’ is God’s greatest gift to us and, thus, it would be wrong on our part to waste it away in worry and despair. We simply have to, must endeavour to find a reason to smile and laugh often. After all, happiness is not contingent on one’s achievements ; rather, it is a state of being. If one truly begins to seek joy in nooks and corners, in small happenings of life, one wouldn’t need to look far; as, believe me joy will find us. But, if we make the mistake of pinning happiness with the fruition of only our major endeavours and achievements, then it is possible, some of us , might have to wait an entire lifetime to celebrate that hoped for successful moment. The true value, love, positivity and gratitude that we hold for life is recognised by ‘it’ and ‘it’ too responds in a manner most benign. After all, the Moon stays bright when it doesn’t avoid the night ! Doesn’t it !”

” Emulating this quality from the moon, why can’t we celebrate life the way it is served to us – sweet or sour, dark or bright? If life can be a buoyant ride, replete with triumphs and trophies – then, it has an equal right to ‘balance’ us – by creating an occasional speed breaker, packed with trials, turmoil and tribulations! All the accolades and appraisals are celebrated with gusto, but, why are we in comparison, so greatly affected by fears, anxiety, grief, heart break that we easily allow permanent furrows of worry to settle on our face, so much so, that even a distant, faint glimmer of hope, refuses to bring a smile and glow of happiness on our face. None of us know what awaits us the very next moment, so, live the present moment as if it were your last.”

” Never forget that it is the small things in life that give us the greatest pleasure. Simple things that do not cost us anything.The delight on seeing a flower bloom is incalculable. The fragrance of the soil of Mother Earth when its thirst is quenched by the first shower of the monsoon is incomparable. The list is endless. And, the happiness derived is divine.Why then do we think that we are allowed ‘happiness’ and a reason to celebrate only when we ‘achieve’ something grand ? Will we spend the rest of the time stressed about hitting the next target ? Some might even question – ‘What is there to celebrate ?’- as life defined by them is an incessant uphill struggle. Right from our birth, they say, our struggle begins. As newborns, we gasp for air as we come into this world, learning to breathe. In childhood, we repeatedly fall before learning to walk. And, once we learn to walk, we are constantly moving at a hectic pace – school, college, career, family…. never-ending societal obligations and pressures to be successful in these various spheres of life.”

“While there is nothing wrong in being ambitious and hard-working, the journey of life is not meant to be one akin to that of a weary and thirsty traveller, in a desert, who finds some solace only at the occasional oasis. The journey enroute should also be enjoyed.
Celebrate life. Give it a meaning, a direction. Live life to the fullest as this is the only one we have.”

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  1. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Today only your body is not with us but your soul is always midst all of us taking care of each one of us,we are extremely lucky to have you amongst all of us.Swamiji as you are present with all of us. I am extremely sorry as I could not write your previous message as u are aware I was in the hospital. Mujhey Shama karna.This message is very encouraging and enlightening. The example of a Moon is so wonderful,I have learnt so much in my life from it,it has really taught me how to live with your blessings. I must share my perception about the Moon,it has so many marks but it does not not stop to shine and illuminate its light without stoping so with your guidance I have also learnt what ever the circumstances may be one should not stop working in life.One should overcome all the obstacles and should not get influenced by any person, we all should learn from Nature and always bloom and grow forever whatever the circumstances may be.I have always learnt to fight with all my circumstances and aim for higher goals and achievements with your humble and kind words. In today’s time I must say I have learnt so much from the nature of my family,kin and friends ,that nothing bothers me,every time.I have learnt to overcome all my situations and be a warrior. I have really learnt and discovered myself, my patience and my attitude towards life.Swamiji you really have taught me how to live in this world by being a Moon and spread happiness in every one’s life. I have also taken a pledge to make a difference in our neighborhood,society and the the whole nation………. I am really fortunate to be your daughter in life.
    🕉Gurudevo Namaha.

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