” सद्गुरु का साथ ‘ईश्वर’ की सबसे बड़ी ‘कृपा’ है….”

Swamiji said …

“A ‘sadguru’, a ‘saccha Sant’,’ an ‘aadhyatmik Guru’, waits patiently for those ‘seekers’ of knowledge, who are destined to find a place at His Lotus Feet, in a particular lifetime, and, seeing their devotion and faith in Him, accepts them as His devotees. ‘God’ and ‘ Guru’ alone know about the journeys that a ‘jiv atman’ has evolved through and the lessons it has learnt from them. Only a ‘Guru’ can tell whether a soul has progressed and improved itself to attain a state of readiness to receive “ज्ञान”.. knowledge… from a ‘Guru’.
Both, God’s grace and the boon bestowing hand of a ‘guru’, work in tandem, to provide the physical strength needed by a devotee, to endure the tumultous upheaval that the awakening of the ‘kundalini’ requires.Once a ‘sadguru’ accepts us as His devotee, we are His till eternity.”

“The divine and mysterious powers vested by the ‘Almighty’ in an ‘adhyatmik guru’ make devotees experience proximity to God, while sharing space with ‘Him’ – their ‘guru’. The purity of a self-realised Guru’s soul – His divine aura – makes the devotees sense ‘God’s’ presence around them… ‘भक्त अपने ‘गुरु’ में ‘भगवान’ का प्रतिबिंब देखते हैं !’ Their senses, sharp and alive, inhale the fragrance of divinity around them, and, their faith and devotion make them feel – “ जब वो एक ‘सद्गुरु’ से बात करते हैं, उनकी मीठी वाणी सुन ते है, तब unhe ऐसा लगता है जैसे उस वक्त वो ‘ईश्वर’, ‘अल्लाह’ या ‘इसामासिह’ से बात कर रहे हैं। !”

“The whole hearted, honest attempts made by the ‘soul’ to redeem itself from its past sins are recognised and rewarded by God in a manner most divine. He blesses such ‘souls’ by leading them to ‘self-realised gurus’, who in turn guide them to progress on the spiritual path.This divine connection between a ‘guru’ and ‘devotee’ is ordained by God.’जब एक अटूट ‘दिव्य’ तार जुड़ता है एक ‘सच्चे संत’ और उनके ‘सच्चे’ भक्तों के बीच में… ‘मृत्यु’ भी उस तार को तोड़ नहीं पाती है! ‘The meaning and depth of this eternal bond can only be understood by us on experiencing it personally. Theoretical knowledge, reading about the importance of an ‘adhyatmik guru’ in our lives makes us ‘aware’, but, it is ‘True knowledge’ alone, obtained from Him, that can truly enlighten us.”

” God’s ways are known only to Him, and, thus, in His inimitable manner, He ensures that the ‘Darbar’ of a ‘sadguru’ maintains the sanctity, as that of ‘His own abode, by pervading the ‘sanctum sanctorum’ of the ‘guru’s ‘Darbaar’ with His radiance and invisible presence ; so much so that -“गुरु के ‘दरबार’ में जो प्रसाद ‘गुरु’ प्रेम से अपने भक्तों को अपने हाथ से खिलाते हैं, वो प्रसाद और तीर्थ स्थान में दिया प्रसाद एक समान माना जाता है!” That moment is more than blessed as it appears that God, Himself is feeding His child through the ‘Guru’s’ hands.”

” Above all, God, knew very well that ‘He’ could not be everywhere and thus He blessed us with mothers, who taught us to keep our ‘outer’ physical form clean. But, apart from His greatest gift, ‘He’ also earmarked specific ‘sadgurus’, who not only bless us with love – pure and divine – which is equivalent to the love of seven mothers, but, also take upon themselves the responsibility of purifying their bhakts’ ‘inner’ being – their ‘ruh’ – by removing the layers of impurities that cover the soul, and,thus,enable the devotees to see the ‘light’ of divinity within them. And, just like a mother who does not give up on her child, irrespective of his shortcomings
and imperfections – ‘ Ek ‘sacche sant’ bhi apne bhakton ke saath har pal rehte hain…’ and never leaves them in dire straits to fend for themselves.”

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  1. How soothing “Ek ‘sacche sant’ bhi apne bhakton ke saath har pal rehte hain…’ and never leaves them in dire straits to fend for themselves.”
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  2. Guru ki Krupa, Guru ka prem hi bhagwan ka swaroop h.
    Grace and love of Guru is God, His true form.
    Jai Gurudev

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