” ‘गुरु – कृपा’ अदभुत ‘शक्ति’ देती है | ”

Swamiji said…

” ‘गुरु ‘भगवान’ का रूप होते हैं … A Spiritual ‘Guru’, an enlightened ‘Guru’ is God on Earth. And, the divine grace that touches such a Guru’s disciples is no less than ‘ईश्वर का वरदान’ – a divine boon from God Himself – because just like the boons of ‘Brahma’, ‘Vishnu’ and ‘Mahesh’, mentioned in the Puranas, made their receivers worthy of mighty feats, a ‘Guru’s’ grace enables his students to unlock their potential and achieve greatness in their lives.”

” Arjun , Swami Vivekanand and Saint Paul, the Apostle ; all achieved unparalleled success in their lives. Their achievements are often immeasurable.
Arjun emerged as the greatest and most skillful warrior in the Mahabharata.
Swami Vivekananada’s teachings of Vedanta spread like wildfire in the East and West alike. His speech at the Parliament of the World’s Religions is remembered till this day and he remains an inspiration for the youth of the world. Saint Paul on the other hand, witnessed a personal transformation in which he was able to change himself from being a persecutor of Jesus’ followers to becoming not just a follower, but a significantly important apostle of Jesus.”

“Yet, all three had one commonality. The greatest blessing ; divine grace of their respective ‘Gurus’ on them. Arjun, was blessed with ‘Vishnu avatar’, Lord Krishna’s grace, who guided him throughout, on the battlefield, in Kurukshetra. In Swami Vivekanda’s case, it was His Guru, Sri Ramkrishna Paramhans, who made him a beacon of spiritual knowledge for the world to imbibe.
And, in Saint Paul’s case, it was in Jesus’s presence and words that he was able to find his true calling to be a preacher of the Lord’s message.”

” A ‘Guru’s’ presence in his disciple’s lives enables them to become fearless. Secure in the knowledge that they have a guardian angel looking over them, they feel confident in pushing their own limits. Often, when in doubt, or when fearful of taking a perceived risk, a disciple can gather and compose himself, by remembering that his Guru is always there with him and that even failure, as an honest endeavor, will not truly harm him in anyway.”

” In a world where the darkness of fear engulfs most, and, immobilizes them from moving beyond their comfort zone and self-imposed handicaps, a ‘Guru’s’ grace opens one eyes to the numerous possibilities of life and makes one motivated to look for and seize opportunities. A spiritual teacher teaches his disciples to believe in themselves and gives them hope that with the required effort nothing is beyond their reach – be it in their professional or personal lives – and that they are capable of doing what is needed to succeed.”

” Like fuel to fire, a ‘Guru’s’ grace, ‘गुरु – कृपा’ , a treasure most divine, brings positivity to our thoughts, strength to our self-belief and passion to our cause. The most daunting situations no longer threaten us, but rather seem an opportunity to display our valor and ability. Self – doubt is replaced with subtle confidence, and hard work doesn’t seem as painful as one had feared it to be.”

“Just like the presence of Shri Ram brought out numerous magical and powerful abilities of Shri Hanuman to the fore, a Guru’s grace also unleashes within us the power to transform our existence for the better and have as fulfilling an experience of this adventure called life.”

” ‘Guru – kripa’ agar shishya ko ‘surya’ ka ‘tej’ deti hai jiss se woh apne nek ‘karmon’ se, ‘satya’ ke marg par chalkar apne naam ko roshan karte hain ; toh ‘chand’ ki ‘sheetalta’ bhi pradan karti hai, joh unke shishya apni nirmal, meethi ‘vaani’ aur har haal mein apni madhur muskaan se apni ‘santushthi’, ‘khushi’ aur ‘sukh’ zaahir karte hain !”

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  1. Yes our Guru Our Swamiji is always a strength and is guiding us always. Jai Gurudev 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    A Happy Guru Poornima to all.
    We must follow his teachings and get eternal bliss

  2. Gurave Sarva Lokanam, Bhishaje Bhava Roginam, Nidhaye Sarva Vidhyanam, Sri Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha…

  3. Very true…Guru becomes part of our conscience and keeps guiding us…which is the path to moksha🙏🏻

    1. Pranam Swamiji
      May your Grace fall upon all of your devotees.
      Please look after us from your permanent abode.
      Jai Gurudev

  4. Thank you Swamiji for always being with us and providing us guidance which encourage us to follow the path of satya.

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