” ‘नर्क’ और ‘स्वर्ग’, दोनों यहीं हैं …”

Swamiji said …

” Life is what we make out of it. Every moment of our life plays out to the chords of the tune set by us, which in turn, depends completely on our interpretation of life. How we look at life is what matters the most ! Our temperament, belief, attitude and outlook play a pivotal role in making us compose either a lilting, lively melody for the joyous ‘song’ of our life, or , fabricate a grieving, melancholic strain for the sad ‘dirge’ called life. Life is all about making choices and so does the choice, whether we intend to make it blissful or stressful, rests only with us.”

“Mere mortals like us have no knowledge of what lies beyond the realm of human life, but, the often heard vivid and detailed descriptions of ‘Swarg’, ‘Narak’…’Heaven’ and ‘Hell’ have always held an undeniable, peculiar fascination for us.The narratives of ‘The Abode of The Lord ‘ and ‘ The Darkness of The Devil’ fill us either with sensations; pleasurable and divine at the very attempt of trying to create a visual of wondrous ‘Heaven’, or , at the same time could overwhelm us with feelings of morbid fear and trepidation at the very mention of ‘Hell’.” Whether ‘heaven’ is wondrous or ‘hell’ is hot, we do not know. But what we do know is – ‘what’ we experience in the ‘now’ ; at the moment, in this life. And, it is here – as we wade through the journey of life, in everyday life situations, that we can find and realise …’Jivan ke har pal mein ! Jis tarah hum har kshan ko jeete hain, ussi se hum apni zindagi ko swayam ‘swarg’ ya ‘nark’ banate hain.”

” Our perceptions differ when we look at a glass filled halfway to the brim. It can be viewed as half full by an optimist , or , half empty by a pessimist. In a similar manner, it is how we choose to view and experience our lives, our circumstances – that make life either ‘hell’ or ‘heaven’ for us.”

“Our past ‘karma’, not only determines the family in which we take birth, but also, pre-decides the obstacles and opportunities that we will come across in life. The one power that we are given is the ability to control our thoughts and actions. And, it is these thoughts and actions that determine how we experience and live life. A calm mind that surrenders to the will of God , and , a heart that is content and soaked in love and gratitude for God’s divine plan…’Aisa mehsoos karta hai jaise ki woh ‘swarg ‘ mein ho…’ and a restless mind that questions God at every step, discontent and clamours for more incessantly…’Apne liye ‘narak’ bana leta hai !”

“ ‘कमल कीचड़ में खिलता है ” – Much like the lotus that blooms in a stagnant pool of mud, we too should have the strength to live joyous and blissful lives in the most dreary, demanding and challenging circumstances. With belief in God and the willingness to work hard, any one of us can live the most liberating and happy lives, irrespective of our surroundings. We only have to create those magical moments of happiness, for ourselves, as well as, for everyone around us. Learn to untie the knots of hatred and instead cultivate forgiveness and kindness in ourselves.
Remember that hatred is taught ; kindness is spontaneous, natural. We must create every opportunity to appreciate others and make the windows of their ‘souls’…the eyes…light up with happiness and joy.”

” Ultimately, it is the mind which is the source of all happiness and misery. The mind can always easily find ‘that’ which is lacking in our lives, and make us ‘want’ more, making us feel dissatisfied with life. But with careful thought and meditation, one can control one’s reactions to such thoughts, and, carefully assess what one truly ‘needs’ for his life to be more fulfilling and act accordingly.”

” The more we learn to discipline the mind, control our impuses, make it wise with the knowledge of the ancient texts and ‘gyan’ of great teachers, the more we will learn to be unaffected by the ‘moh-maya’ of the world. It is only with an enlightened mind that we will succeed in pushing away the darkness of ‘hell’ and negativity from our existence, and , create ‘heaven’ for ourselves on earth with a positive, happy mindset.”

” ‘Jivan’ ko ‘swarg’ ya ‘narak’ banana humare haath mein hai ! Jis parivar mein chahe bahut dhan na ho, parantu prem ho, vishwas ho, ek doosre ka khayal rakhte hon, sukh-dukh ek doosre ke saath baant te hon, unke liye yahin ‘swarg’ hai … aur woh parivar joh dhani hai, parantu parivar ke sadasyon mein prem na ho, swarth ho, ladai jhagda ho, vishwasghat ho, woh maano ‘narak’ mein hi reh rahe hain’!”

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  1. Definitely so. With belief in God , one can live a happy and satisfied life irrespective of the surroundings.
    Belief in God means that God exists and every one is a spark of God.
    With this belief a family is in Swarg in which each member loves others as spark of God. Also the same family can be in Narak if they stress on other values and don’t have love and respect for eachother.
    Jai gurudev 🙏

  2. So true!!! If we follow the teachings of our beloved Swamiji we can make our lives swarg.
    Jai Gurudev!

  3. Very nice sandesh. Thank you Swamiji.
    Miss you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
    Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

  4. Jai Gurudevo Namaha
    Thank you very much to follow the legacy of Swamijis teachings.
    I and Swamiji use to sit together and talk about this teaching on length. It is so true that how we perceive things.Its like “Mano tu bahut kuch hai nahi Mano tu kuch bhi nahi hai “As the old saying says if we see God in the stone we will find him there also It’s just how we look at things. Honestly saying and what I have learnt is “Enjoy what you have to enjoy and Suffer what you have to Suffer”.
    So this statement says both happiness and Sufferings are in our hand and how we take it,if we learn from our Sufferings we will always find happiness in ourselves and make others happy.
    I truly believe in the theory of Karma “What we do comes back to us”, Swamiji always taught speak good,think good and do good and believe me I applied all these three things in my life and I started seeing a human revolution in me which has helped to grow in my personal and professional life.He guided me as a mother how to live a qualitative life
    Another thing he taught me is do your karmas and duties whatever anyone says just forgive them if they hurt you,believe me it was not easy for me to do it,it took me time to accept this fact,but I started practicing it after few month’s, when I started doing that I started living peacefully.
    As far as family comes he has made me so flexible that have full trust in my self that I can not harm anybody.As I don’t expect anything from anyone, but at the same time I love to be in harmony with everyone ,whether it may be home,parents, friends,children ,animals and inlaws to live and let others lead their lives happily.
    My main goal in life is to fulfill all his teachings and when I go I will go peacefully with imbibing all his knowledge and make the whole universe a happy place to live .
    Thank you Swamiji for always being there with me.

    Om Gurudevo Namaha. 🕉

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