” ‘ज्ञान’ एक ‘बीज’ है जिसे ‘उपजाऊ भूमि’ की जरूरत होती है …’

Swamiji said …

” ‘हम ज्ञान की तलाश क्यों करते हैं?’ Why do we seek knowledge? What is the purpose of acquiring knowledge? What is the Supreme aim of doing so? Some of us read Holy scriptures; some listen to the preachings of saints and ‘Gurus’, while some attend spiritual  congregations. These actions culminate into an exchange of experiences and beliefs. But, why , then is the world in a state of constant conflict and chaos even today? Why doesn’t the spirituality of mankind shine through and make us aware of the death and destruction caused by war? Why doesn’t True Knowledge’ – ‘gyaan’ transform us into better and rational human beings?”

“Just like all seeds do not grow into shade giving trees, similarly, all the religious knowledge acquired by us, will fail to manifest itself into ‘spiritual’ bliss, unless we prepare ourselves, to experience this transformation, externally as well as internally. And, in the same vein, just like it is not the ‘seed’, but, the sower’s fault, for not having worked on the soil adequately and failed in making it fertile enough to plant seeds in it ; it is the knowledge seeker’s fault that he has not put in enough effort to prepare his mind to absorb and cultivate this knowledge. We need to remember that both, our ‘outer’ and ‘inner’ beings should be receptive and willing ; filled with a hunger to attain ‘ True Knowledge, at all costs, irrespective of the obstacle riddled path that leads us towards self – realisation.”
” Millions of copies of The Bible, Quran, Bhagwad Gita and numerous other sources of God’s words and Teachings are read and distributed all over the world. Then why are we at perpetual war, at loggerheads with one another? Where has all the goodness vanished from around us? It is because the essence, the ‘True Knowledge’ of every page of the Holy books is not truly understood and imbibed by us in principle. Otherwise, why should the mind continue to remain impure, engrossed with innumerable distractions and admit weakly that it is not ‘prepared’ to follow the voice, words and message of God ! Wouldn’t the ‘kundalini’ be eager to awaken itself from the dormant, listless state that it finds itself, fearless of the pain that our body would have to endure on ‘it’ being awakened and unleashing spiritual energy within us with a tremendous force? Why doesn’t the soul ; the ‘ruh’ yearn for liberation from the never ending cycle of birth and rebirth by cleansing itself of all the impurities that have accumulated over it during its previous lifetimes? Why is it content with the state of darkness in which it finds itself ?”  

“The seeds of ‘knowledge’ will only bear fruit once they are transformed into noble thoughts and positive action by the mind.Thus, it becomes critical for us to calm ourselves and focus on the task of de-cluttering our minds of all that is useless and tends to obstruct our progress on the path of spiritual enlightenment. We must give up bad habits; become kind and endearing in speech, disciplined in thought and action. Only then will the mind be able to implement and wield the value of ‘ज्ञान’ – the knowledge – that it has gained over the years effectively. ‘Gyaan’ empowers us to live a life filled with gratitude to Him and surrendering to His plans for us without protesting and questioning Him time and again.”

” The demon king – Ravan, who possessed knowledge of all the ‘Vedas’ allowed his ego, lust and desire to cloud his mind to such an extent; that he failed to realise that he was waging a war with ‘परमात्मा’ Himself. It was only when he was breathing his last, that he was able to see Shri Ram’s divinity. Similarly, Judas’ mind was so overwhelmed with greed for money, that he betrayed Jesus Christ, despite having received the same ‘knowledge’ as had been received by the other apostles, from The Lord.”

” Just ‘knowing’ about ‘True Knowledge’ is not enough. We must act on what it teaches us, as early as possible, and, act correctly. We need to think of ways and means of using the outer being ; the body, as a medium to know, understand and imbibe the principles of ‘True Knowledge’. A basic knowledge of the rules of chess does not make one a Grandmaster. Similarly, merely ‘listening’ to, or , reading the words said by God cannot liberate one from this world. We must cleanse the mind with meditation… ‘achche vichar’. ‘ ‘Ruh’ ko pavitra karna hai, ‘sadhna’ aur ‘nek karma’ karke’ – by doing good deeds. Only then, will the mind begin to deliberate upon the teachings of God and ‘Guru’ and guide our actions accordingly. ‘ ‘Ishwar’ ki krupa aur ‘guru’ bin ‘gyaan’ praapt nahi ho sakta hai ! Hummey ‘saccha gyaan’ ek adhyatmik ‘guru’ se, kayi janmon ki ‘bhakti’ ke baad milta hai! Ek saccha bhakt ‘guru’ ke dikhaye hue marg pe chalkar, unke diye huey ‘gyaan’ ko apne jivan ka mooladhaar banakar, apne andar virajman ‘Ishwar’ ko dekh sakta hai !’ ‘इश्वर’ की कृपा और ‘गुरू’ बिन ज्ञान प्राप्त नही हो सकता है। हमे सच्चा ज्ञान एक आध्यात्मिक गुरू से कई जन्मों की भक्ति के बात मिलता है। एक सच्चा भक्त गुरू के दिखाए हुए मार्ग पर चल कर उन के दिए हुए ज्ञान को अपने जीवन का मूल आधार बनाकर अपने अन्दर विराजमान ईश्वर को देख सकता है।”

‘ We need to remember that the ‘seed’ of ‘gyaan’, that an enlightened ‘guru’ chooses to sow in us, does so, after great deliberation; only when He is convinced of our state of preparedness; both, our physical endurance and mental toughness; as the access to ‘True Knowledge’ is not easy. The ‘seed’ soaked in His pure love, retains the divinity of His touch and the ‘atman’ on experiencing ‘it’, feels the veil of ignorance and darkness being lifted from it and lights up with the awareness that this ‘knowledge’ brings alongwith it – that the ‘atman’ alone is the ‘Real’ Self. It is ‘pure existence’ – and has nothing to do with the body as it transcends it.The earlier it succeeds in making its bearer understand this ‘Real’ fact , that ‘he’ is the ‘soul’ and not the ‘body’ ; every thought, word and action of his would henceforth be aimed at purifying his ‘soul’ further, enabling it to merge with His Creator at the earliest.”

12 thoughts on “” ‘ज्ञान’ एक ‘बीज’ है जिसे ‘उपजाऊ भूमि’ की जरूरत होती है …’

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  1. Noble thoughts and positive actions are required. Mere reading the books and listening to discourses is not enough.
    Then only we can move forward.
    Jai Gurudev 🙏

  2. स्वामी जी के चरणों में नमन है।🙏🏻

  3. Jai Gurudev,
    Thank you for enlightening us always. What you imparted I always try to walk on those foot steps.My Understanding.
    Studying under a guru is the only way to acquire spiritual knowledge. Mere bookish knowledge is not enough. It will not help us understand the nature of the atma, and will not pave the way for ultimate liberation. Saints and jnanis have shown us the importance of learning under a guru.

    Saint Vallalar, in his Deivamani Malai, says that he has not kept the company of scholars. He has not thought of how to study whatever is needed for philosophical enrichment. Here Vallalar’s words remind one of verses in the Thirukkural, said M.A. Manickavelu in a discourse. Thiruvalluvar explains the quality of learned men. He says that a poet behaves in such a way, that once he departs, he is missed by everyone he met. Truly learned men are sweet natured and are a pleasure to talk to. They impart knowledge that will see us through the difficulties of life. It is the company of such people that he has not had, rues Vallalar. Gnansambandar says that those who are well read, those who have had the opportunity to listen to important things, those who are service-minded — all such people worship Lord Siva.

    Lord Siva, in His manifestation as Dakshinamurthy, sat under a banyan tree, and taught the Sanakadi rishis. But He taught through His silence. Thirunavukkarasar says that he has not studied the Sastras and is caught in ignorance. Why have I taken this birth, asks Thirunavukkarasar, and prays for Lord Siva’s grace. Manickavachagar tells himself, “You have not understood God’s nature.” Thirunavukkarasar says that jnanis find only one fruit enjoyable, and that is God Himself. Sundarar says that he learnt many things, which are of no use in achieving liberation, but he did not acquire knowledge about God. Thus, the Nayanmars, through their many verses, show us the importance of jnana.
    Om Gurudevo Namaha

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