Swamiji’s Sandesh… – ” ‘शिखर’ पर विजय पा कर भी ‘कृतज्ञ’ रहो, ‘विनम्र’ रहो।”

‘Shikhar’ par vijay paa kar bhi ‘kritgya’ raho, ‘vinamra’ raho…’

Swamiji said…

“The emotions of happiness and elation, the surge of excitement that courses through our heart and mind on achieving the unattainable; on scaling the unconquerable; on breaking the glass ceiling; on fulfilling our dreams is indescribable. Praiseworthy are those who are finally able to make it to the top…’Joh apni lagan se, anganit prayason ke baad, bina haar maane, apni manzil, apne chahe hue ‘shikhar’ par jeet haasil karte hain!’ – and, all the more so, as the number in this ‘elite’ club is limited.”Kaun nahi chahta hai aisa karna!’ After all, how many of us are able to see the light of a day as fruitful and fulfilling as this! It requires focused effort, resilience and self-motivation to summit the peaks of one’s ambition; overcome all odds with a systematic plan, unflinching confidence and a passion to prove a point not only to others but above all to oneself also!”

“It is human frailty that makes all of us long to create a mark in this world and leave behind a legacy; be it in society as a socialite or a philanthropist; or as an exemplary
business leader, achieving unprecedented success, in a highly competitive corporate world. We toil and work hard smilingly, make innumerable sacrifices without complaining, overcome hardships; all the while being patient and approachable; take others along with us; work as a team- and do all this to inch closer to our goal- to reach the top.”

“However, our true character is tested when we reach the zenith and bask in the glory of success. Most of us fail this test as by this point in time we present a new, unfamiliar picture of ours that contradicts our past friendly image. Is it possible that while we are in the race to the top, we ‘pretend’ to be humble and kind! We say the right words to all the ‘right’ people who matter the most to us in in our journey to success. We try our best to come across as likeable persons. Even those, whose nature does not allow them to be truly kind, try to maintain some decorum and decency in their behaviour to get things working in their favour.”

“Yet, it is when we reach the finish line and are declared winners, that, at times, the masks are shed off and our true nature is revealed. Do we then change our colours like a chameleon and reveal a completely never seen before business minded side of ours? Do we abandon humility and forbearance, and simply ignore a voice that counters us, and crush opposition and competition mercilessly? Does the mirror now reflect an image that has hardened and become ruthless? Riding high on the wave of success, looking at the view below from the top, we tend to forget that instead of flying high, we need to plant our feet firmly on the ground for our own good.”

“Unfortunately, many among us, who although are fortunate enough to see the fruition of their dreams, reveal their darker side on reaching an enviable position of success and power. Such people let success go to their head, and within no time, pride and ego take over their mind completely. The time for basic courtesies or exchanging pleasantries with juniors is considered redundant. The delusion of being great takes over them and anyone who is not counted among their peers is not given due respect and attention.”

“We must remember that, many a times, those who are not as fortunate as us are all the more worthy of our respect, love and affection. Those among us who are successful today, are only so, because God allowed it to happen this way. It is shortsighted to feel ‘entitled’ to the fruits of our labour. Our success is thus not only, a culmination of our perseverance, right decisions and blessings of God, but also, the unobtrusive participation and support of others that helped us in achieving our ambition…’Aur tabhi hum apni ichcha ke ‘shikhar’ par jeet haasil kar paaye hain!’ We need to be in an eternal state of thankfulness and gratitude to Him for guiding us to touch the stars and taste sweet success.”

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  1. Impactful message Swamiji.. very hard to implement and exercise but that’s the only medium to get closer and obtain the grace of Almighty… Jai Swami Ajay Guru Devaya Namaha

  2. We must remember that in our success , there are three elements. Our efforts , God’s Grace and blessings of our well wishers. We must remember this and stay humble. Then only we can go from success to success. Otherwise U turn can happen anytime.
    Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  3. Om Gurudevo Namaha. .
    It’s such an enlightening message. Thanks for reminding us how to achieve our goals and reach the skies.from my perspective one should be Humble, calm,balanced, compassion, considered and conscious of our deeds,words and actions. While working with our peers it is always impossible to check our attitude and behavior.In others growth is our own growth and it’s our duty to support everyone in the society to grow in all spheres of life plus spiritual life.
    Once they start growing you get immense pleasure and satisfaction..
    According to me I have been trying the above mentioned things to be happy and grow with Swamiji’s blessings.
    I am happy to write that I am fortunate enough to be Swamiji’s child, who has always learnt from him and grown.
    Today I fell contented, self sufficient and happy for all the gifts and blessings of the lord
    Om Gurudevo Namaha

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