” ‘मोह’ और ‘भ्रम’ के अन्धकार को दूर करो।'”

Swamiji says…

‘Moh’ ! None of us is able to escape the magnetic and fascinating,yet, at times, fatal pull and attraction, that this emotion has exercised over us ; and has enslaved us with its deceptive, superficial charm. Man can wage a war against his most powerful enemy and emerge victorious; but he becomes spineless and weak-kneed at the thought of facing and overcoming his personal rival – ‘moh’ that exists within him.Worthy wisdom seems to abandon him as he fails to detect the illusionary nature of the world in which he and all those he loves are nothing more than passengers for a fleeting second. Great personalities have collapsed like a pack of cards in the raging, powerful currents of ‘moh’ and ‘भ्रम’.”

” What makes a mother love her child more than any other child in the world? Are not all children gifts of God? Why is the proverbial ‘blood’ thicker than ‘water’? Why do we feel a sense of brotherhood with our own countrymen but don’t identify a similar emotion with a foreigner ? Do international borders restrict not only our movement,but, our emotions too? Why do we clean and shine old family-owned heirlooms ourselves, but employ someone to clean the very car that we drive to work ?”

” What is this emotion of attachment and connection that arises in us sporadically and in no specific circumstances?
This is ‘moh’. Often illogical, ‘moh’ makes us hold certain people, certain objects, certain positions, ideas and relationships more important than everything else in the world.
Is ‘Moh’ bad? Not necessarily. But it is important to be aware of its implications in our lives.”

” We know that it is important to acquire wealth for one’s family and future; but, to obsess over money, talk about it constantly, seek it day in and day out is unhealthy for the mind and spiritual development of a person. One must strive to strike a balance. A businessman constantly thinking and breathing money, will lose out on his family and friends. What would be the purpose of all that money then?
On the other hand, a businessman who blindly places friendship above everything else might turn a blind eye and not say a word even on knowing that his opportunist friends see him only as a cauldron of wealth that they need to empty.”

” We must remember…’Insaan ka ‘moh’ se bahut zyaada bandh jaane se ‘ashubh’ karm ho jaate hain aur woh ‘shubh’ karm se dur hote jaate hain ! Ishwar toh sab ke saath hain ! Unka aashirwad bhi sab par hai, lekin agar hum galat kaam, ashubh karm karte jaenge, tab woh humara saath bilkul nahi denge!’ “
“The very relationships, people and things that we get attached to…’ Humey iss ‘भ्रम’ mein daal dete hain…’ that this illusionary life that we are living with our loved ones will continue forever and none of us will ever shed our physical being.
An illusion that makes us forget how ‘temporary’ everything in life is ! We all have a tendency to live as if there will be no end to life itself. We all remain concerned about our ‘looks’, hoping to look young forever, not accepting that the body ages. Yet, we barely ever think of our ‘mind’ and ‘soul’.”

” While we remember to nourish our body with the latest health food and anti-ageing creams ; stay fit by exercising vigorously in gymnasiums; we forget to take care of the ‘soul’, that which will remain the same even after death. It thus becomes important to be mindful of ‘भ्रम’; to not be fooled by wealth, power and position, for they are all temporary in nature; and to waste one’s emotional energy purely on securing these alone, would be a waste of life itself. ‘Iss agyanta ke andhkaar se nikal kar, roshni ki oer aaoo !”

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  1. Sri Krishna says in Geetha that attachment causes pain and worry. One should dedicate all actions to Him and leave the result to Him and have no attachment. Even though if one is so highly evolved in action, then also results are not in ones’ hands . So,it is wise to lead a peaceful life,get rid of all attachments. One should be attached to Him only.

  2. Moh as it is , is not a bad word. But one must be aware of its implications.
    A misplaced and obsessive attachment is all that we should be conscious of.
    What a practical guidance by our dear all knowing Swamiji.

    Pranam Swamiji

  3. Om Gurudevo Namaha. Mind-blowing message. It is an eye opener. How much truth and depth is there in this message.I have no words to express my gratitude for this wonderful guidance . Which will always work as a key to open my mind.I just want to express one saying of Hindi.”Jis tan Lagey so tan janey”.
    Jai Gurudev.

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