‘मन और बुद्धि को छोड़ कर “शुद्धि” की ओर आओं|’

Swamiji says …

“More often than not we hear people of all ages complain…’Mera dil yeh chahta hai! Mera mann yeh kehta hai!’ and we too begin to believe the dictates of the heart, and do as ordered, desired by it. ‘Mann bahut chanchal hota hai!’ and it runs helter-skelter, in all directions, with us chasing its commands in hot pursuit. The mind, a silent spectator to the devious doings of the heart, attempts to put up a feeble fight against the surge of the adrenalin rush pumped by the heart, but is submerged in the powerful currents of its demands. Our plaintive appeals to our ‘buddhi’ to not give in to the incessant desires of the heart, mindlessly, go in vain, as it too surrenders meekly to the illusionary, but extremely gratifying whims of the heart.”

“Our heart and mind rule the roost. Their dominance over us is absolute and complete. They smirk mockingly at us as, aware of the power they wield over us. We, too, for some strange reason, allow them to impose their will over us, as we conveniently find an excuse to hold them responsible for our weaknesses and mistakes! ‘Hum yeh bhool jaate hain ki humara dil aur dimaag humein ‘bhramit’ kartey hai! Mann ki vyakulta aur dimaag ki asthirtah humein baichain karti hai ; paruntu hum khush ho kar, inhi ki udhed bann mein lagey rahte hain! Hum insey baahar nikal kar shudhi ki taraf kab jayenge? Kya hum yeh kabhi sochte hain?’ So magnetic and powerful is their hold and control over us, that we are enslaved by them; and become mere puppets in their hands! Life appears to be a perfect balance between the two, and, we surrender to the wandering heart and aimless mind with a sense of abandonment.”

“We are accustomed to seeing impure and biased emotions, flourish and reign supreme within us, during the larger part of our lives.The spell cast by the conniving heart and the scheming mind blinds us to the true purpose of our lives. We remain unaffected, even on realizing, that our complete involvement with the fickle nature of our ‘buddhi aur mann’ is proving to be the greatest stumbling block in knowing the Real us – our inner self. ‘Buddhi’ toh sab ke paas hoti hai ! ‘Buddhi’ ko ‘sadbuddhi’ mein kab parivartit karogay?’ – are questions that don’t necessarily arise in our minds. ‘Apni sadbuddhi ko jagao ! Achcha socho ! Sahi aur galat ke beech ka farak jaano !”

“When will we tire of all the distractions that the heart and mind tempt and lure us with! The bubble of this comfort zone needs to be deflated at the earliest and we need to step out of the layers of ‘ashudhta’ which are wrapped around us…’ Shudhi ki oer dhyan dein aur apni aatma ki taraf dekhein! Apne andar jhankein ! Main kaun hoon? – yeh jaan ney ki koshish karein!’ Till when will we throw caution to the wind; remain heedless to the importance of ‘shuddhi’ in our lives!’ The focus, effort and determination that is put in by us in cleansing our soul never goes unrewarded ; can never become a cause of sorrow, unlike the misery that is suffered in not acquiring the material possessions that the heart and mind have set their heart on!”

“A pure soul; cleansed of all impurities, vices and material desires; mirrors the enlightened state, true contentment and inner peace that has been realised by him. He is so busy counting the blessings and God’s Divine Grace that have been showered on him, that no trappings and pleasures of life, can ensnare his heart or mind. ‘Humey apni aatma ko shudh karna hain! Jab hum apne vicharon ko har dum, har kshann, chaubis ghante shudh, pavitra rakhenge, tabhi hum apni aatma ko shudh kar sakengey! Humari shudhta, pavitrata hi humari aatma ko parmatma se jod sakti hai!’ “

11 thoughts on “‘मन और बुद्धि को छोड़ कर “शुद्धि” की ओर आओं|’

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    1. Yes…
      We should strive to inch towards the subtle, that is, the SHUDHI and strive to get detached from the gross , that is , MAN and BUDHI.
      This is the process of evolution and herein only lies our salvation.
      So let’s not dilly dally and straight jump in to the action

      Pranam Swamiji 🙏

  1. That, which arises in the physical body as “i”,is the mind. The “i” feeling arises from the Heart or core of being. By enquiring “who am I?”as our beloved Swamiji said, the attention goes within and hence is diverted from thoughts. Perseverance in this practice gives strength to the mind to go to the source and be absorbed in the Self. Following sattvic principles such as eating simple, nutritious food in moderate quantity, and observing simple rules of good conduct, is most conducive to the development of pure qualities of the mind. This in turn helps one to pursue Self Enquiry without hindrance. All vasanas will be dissolved. One should unswervingly put the teachings of our Swamiji into constant practice.
    Self is bliss. To be and to remain in the Self alone is liberation or mukti.

  2. Jai Gurudevo Namaha. How beautiful the teaching is .It so enlightening. Swamijis words are so beautiful and meaningful. His explanations are so clear that one can visualize and analyze all the situations.Its so true when our mind,body,soul are pure and are engrossed in purifying our selves we totally become a different person.A person who has clear vision,goal,aim and forsightedness. He stands different from others even the face of a person reflects a different persona .It is human tendency to fall and live in complications and make their lives disastrous and others to I know and i except the fact that we all tend to do so .Bot with Swamijis grace we are very lucky as we keep on getting lovely guidance time to time .I am blessed to have a mother ,a guide ,and a Guru in form of Swamiji, who loves us all as a mother and are always bothered about are welfare He is omnipotent and he knows each and everything. He is aware with the fact of life.He is the supreme power and knows how to enlighten us and change our perception of life and make us different from others.It is soo important to follow the spiritual path of love and devine and change our lives .We should stop concentrating on wrong things and with his devine blessing and grace and start purifying our thoughts and heart which will lead to purifying of one self.
    Thank you Swamiji for always showing me the right direction and walk on it ,so i can get enlightenment in this life time.

    Om Gurudevo Namaha.

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