जीवन की अनुभूति

सुख दुःख जीवन के दो पहलू है ।

सुख का समय जल्दी बीत जाता है ।

मानसिक पीड़ा व शारिरिक कष्ट के समय अगर सद्गुरु का सहारा है तो परेशानियों का दौर भी आराम से निकल जाता है ।

सद्गुरु की कृपा व आशीर्वाद हम पर सदा बनी रहे । गुरुकृपा समस्त कष्ट व कभी कभी तो मृत्यु को भी टाल देती है, स्वामीजी ने मुझे अनेकों बार जीवदान दिया है व मेरी निशचित मृत्यु को भी टाला है, ये मेरा स्वयं का निजी अनुभव है । मेरे जीवन मे ऐसी अनुभूति अनेकों बार आई है ।

मै स्वामीजी की सदैव ऋणी हूँ, मेरा जीवन मेरे सद्गुरु स्वामीजी श्री अजय जैन की ही देन है ।

अनिता शर्मा,

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  1. Swamiji is an embodiment of love, compassion and always keep showering his blessings on all his devotees.

    🙏🙏🙏ॐ स्वामीजी श्री अजय गुरूदेवाऐ नम: 🙏🙏🙏

  2. Never seen something like this just phenomenal the most inspiring words written with having deep meaning. The depth of each and every word is inspiring, great work
    Jai Guru Dev ji.

  3. हम सभी पर गुरु की कृपा सदैव रहती है। स्वामीजी हमारे साथ होते हैं।
    On 3rd of December I was traveling by train from Dimapur to Guwahati with Swamiji’s blessings. As I came to my seat after using the washroom I found that my gold ring was broken and the upper heavy part has been lost. I went to the washroom searching for it throughout the passage I followed along with my friend, but in vein. I lost hope and just thought of Swamiji who has permitted us for the trip, while my friend was talking to a passenger.
    To our surprise the passenger came with the ring just after two minutes and said that he found the ring in washroom. When we went to thank him on his berth he was not there may be got down on the Station.
    Thanks you Swamiji, we know that nothing wrong can happen to us as we are having you as our Guru and Mother
    Thank you for your blessings and teachings Swamiji.
    To my surprise even I was so calm despite losing my ring. Thanks Swamiji for the patience amd calm you have given us through your teachings.
    Pranaam Gurudev 🙏🏻

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